Igor Golger

Contact: 617-840-6741, email.

Igor Golger graduated from the Boston Conservatory in guitar performance. He also studied the Russian 7-string guitar, as well as instrument building. Igor performs on guitars that he built in 1995 and 1996.

After forming the Transcontinental duo with flutist and guitarist Hiroko Kajimoto, also a Boston Conservatory graduate, Igor and Hiroko performed a varied repertoire, venturing into the 7-string music of the Russian gypsies, which they learned from old LPs and tapes.

Recently, they feature two suites written for them by the Grammy award winner David Matthews (arranger to James Brown, and the leader of the Manhattan Jazz Quintet), as well as music by Alik Alabin (NY) and Miki Takeguchi (Kumamoto, Japan).

from the Transcontinental Suite by David Matthews
Lamentos do Morro, by Garoto