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Why join? The orchestra provides an inclusive, yet challenging environment for guitarists of all levels to celebrate the richness of the guitar ensemble repertoire with like-minded peers. As part of the core of Boston Classical Guitar Society the orchestra performs at least four times per year in prime locations for large audiences. There is nothing like working together towards real performances of the highest standard and guaranteed sense of gratitude and inspiration.

Formed in 2009 by Scott Borg for the Boston Classical Guitar Society’s Festival 21, the Boston Guitar Orchestra garnered praise from the Boston Guitar Community and is now a centerpiece of the Boston Classical Guitar Society. Currently under the baton of Dutch guitarist Robert Bekkers the orchestra strives to present programs of high quality that are both musically meaningful as well as interesting from a performer’s perspective interesting, and aim to inspire audiences and members of the orchestra alike.

The orchestra is a unique opportunity for amateur guitar enthusiasts to become active participants rather than just mere spectators. An inspiration and motivation for its members to become further involved in cultural events, while further refining their own personal art form in an enjoyable yet challenging setting.

The Boston Guitar Orchestra (BGO) is a community-based amateur ensemble that is committed to the promotion of the arts in the New England area through the performance and creation of works for guitar ensemble while building an inclusive community of participants and audiences. Its members range in all levels, styles, and ages. The orchestra setup includes sections divided up into 4 to 8 parts with multiple players on each part, and the mosaic of dynamic, color, timbre, and other various percussive effects that can be created are as diverse as those of symphony orchestras.


The fee for BGO 2016-17 is $250, which includes admission to all Artist Series events and rehearsals. BGO members must also have active BCGS memberships. To join, please go to the following weblink:

All rehearsals are 3 hours in length, and go from 6-9pm. All rehearsals take place at New England Conservatory. A list of rehearsal and concert dates as well as all repertoire will be shared with everybody at the beginning of every season. BCGS Artist Series Performances take place at First Lutheran Church of Boston. For further information, please contact BCGS Director Jerome Mouffe and visit the BGO Facebook page.


“Playing in BGO has improved my sight reading and listening skills, reduced performance anxiety, and provided performance and travel opportunities, and it is a whole lot of fun.” -Lin Hymel

“Besides the motivation to practice and play better that being part of the orchestra imparts on you, it is a pleasure to work with Robert Bekkers.  He is welcoming to new players, gentle, fun, and creative” -Barbare Dinenno

“BGO participation put a profound sense of peace, pleasure, and purpose into my psychological palate.  Preparing, practicing, and playing our parts to perfect our program with positive productive people at past and present performances not only presents prospective pathways to proficiency and prosperity for pupils, but also promotes peak performance of pieces for which all partakers can be particularly proud. Proposed proliferation promises to prepare proselytes for prominence, posture our party for prestige, and push the preeminant BGO to a position of prodigiousness” -Ian Maysmith

“Being part of the BGO has been a fantastic opportunity to rehearse and perform together a great variety of challenging works that give us a unique forum to go from the practice room to the stage. It is a unique group of people with a common passion for music and specifically the Classical Guitar.  Together we continue to strive for the best performance possible.  It has been an honor to work with an Artistic Director who never stops challenging the group and continues to foster our love of the Classical Guitar and an appreciation for the composers who have written for this unique ensemble.” -Karen Quast, member since Dec. 2016

“It’s wonderful that the BCGO even exists – for the player, the orchestra creates valuable community around an often solo instrument and for the listener, the timbre of many classical guitars is a magic curtain of sound.” -Sarah Ikerd


Robert Bekkers

Conductor: Robert Bekkers, Classical Guitarist

Dutch guitarist Robert Bekkers  musical education started with general music theory, recorder, French Horn and Trumpet, the guitar entered when he turned 14 with a self-constructed instrument. Soon after he discovered his love for this instrument, Robert decided to pursue a career as a guitarist and earned his performing and teaching degrees (Bachelor and Master of Music) at the Conservatory of Maastricht. During the seven years there, he won a scholarship to study contemporary music with Angelo Gilardino in Italy. He has received master classes for internationally-known guitarists such as David Russell and Pepe Romero as well as many others.

After his initial education Robert developed his career as a soloist and chamber musician, playing with orchestras, choirs, and giving solo recitals. Several years later, he was given an opportunity to further his education through an invitation by visionary artist Eliot Fisk. And now he is completing his Doctor in Musical Arts (DMA) in classical guitar at the New England Conservatory while continuing to perform. It is at this institute he learned the finesse of conducting under the guidance of professor Erica Washburn.

As a teacher he is affiliated with the nationally renowned South Shore Conservatory in Hingham (MA), the corporate music school of Yamaha in Lexington and as guitar instructor at the faculty of Gordon College in Wenham (MA).

“…one of life’s great pleasure: getting up close and personal with great music, “Concierto de Aranjuez.” Bekkers gave a strong, lyrical and passionate performance. The orchestra matched it. We were moved and inspired; I think everybody was…” -Bob Knox, Boston

“Audley Society sponsored Robert Bekkers in Houston and it was so beautiful to hear his sounds reverberate throughout the building. Our guests were so delighted, Robert sold out his CDs!” -Linda Marroquin, Houston

“I have been putting on house concerts for over 15 years. Robert was the first classical guitarist I had hosted. He put on an excellent show. My crowd was delighted.” -Jeff Abrams, Houston


2017-18 BGO Rehearsal and Performance Schedule

Rehearsals 6-9PM at NEC (room TBA)
Sep 11 rehearsal
Sep 18 rehearsal
Sep 25 rehearsal
Sep 29 GFA Winner Xavier Jara – our theme: Carmen Suite selections
Oct 30 rehearsal
Nov 6  rehearsal
nov 13 rehearsal
Nov 18 LAGQ – our theme: neo-classics
(rehearsals TBA)
Dec. performance in Quincy library – our theme: Christmas/nutcracker suite
Jan 22 rehearsal
Jan 29 rehearsal
Feb 5  rehearsal
Feb 10 Zoran Dukic – our theme: Pictures at an Exhibition
Feb 26 rehearsal
March 5 rehearsal
March 12 rehearsal
March 17-18, 2018: NEGEF (Composer: Robert Beaser)
April 9 rehearsal
April 16 rehearsal
April 23 rehearsal
April 27, 2018: Jorge Caballero
Details for the Boston GuitarFest program to follow.

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