Boston Guitar Orchestra

The Boston Guitar Orchestra (BGO) is a community-based amateur ensemble that is committed to the promotion of the arts in the New England area through the performance and creation of works for guitar ensemble while building an inclusive community of participants and audiences. Its members range in all levels, styles, and ages. The orchestra setup includes sections divided up into 4 to 8 parts with multiple players on each part, and the diverse mosaic of dynamic, color, timbre, and other various percussive effects that can be created can rival most symphony orchestras. Formed in 2009 by Scott Borg for the Boston Classical Guitar Society’s “Festival 21”, the Boston Guitar Orchestra garnered praise from the Boston Guitar Community and is now a centerpiece of the Boston Classical Guitar Society. It is a unique opportunity for amateur guitar enthusiasts to become active participants in guitar related activities rather than just mere spectators. It inspires and motivates its members and their families to become further involved in cultural events, while further refining their own personal art form in an enjoyable yet challenging setting.

The fee for BGO 2014-15 is $250, which includes admission to all Artist Series events and rehearsals. BGO members must also have active BCGS memberships. To join, please click here.

2014-15 Rehearsal Schedule:

10/09/14 – Rehearsal
10/10/14 – Rehearsal
10/16/14 – Rehearsal

10/17/14 – Performance (BCGS – Ana Vidovic)

11/07/14 – Rehearsal
11/13/14 – Rehearsal

11/14/14 – Performance (BCGS – Pavel Steidel)

01/08/15 – Rehearsal
01/09/15 – Rehearsal
01/22/15 – Rehearsal

01/23/15 – Performance (BCG – Sharon Isbin)

03/06/15 – Rehearsal
03/07/15 – Rehearsal
03/13/15 – Rehearsal

03/14/15 – Performance (BCGS – Marcin Dylla)

04/16/15 – Rehearsal
04/17/15 – Rehearsal

04/18/15 – Performance (NEGEF – Carlo Domeniconi)

All of the rehearsals are 3 hours in length, and go from 6-9pm. All rehearsals take place at New England Conservatory. BCGS Artist Series Performances take place at First Lutheran Church of Boston. For further information, please visit Facebook or email BGO director Scott Borg.

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